Enterprise Wide Quality: We achieve the right mix by starting with high recruiting and screening standards and retention through a comprehensive training, accountability, and recognition and reward system

ACSI employees have a higher-than-average tenure for our industry and, as a result, are highly experienced in their respective area of debt collection expertise. The qualifications and experience of the ACSI professionals who work with our clients and their consumers are one of the most important reasons for selecting ACSI as your recovery management agency.

The three segments of our Enterprise Wide Quality consist of:


Recruiting & Screening

ACSI’s primary recruiting goal is to match qualified candidates with the right job to foster retention. We use a variety of methods to generate candidate leads, including web-based sourcing and recruiting sites, job fairs, trade shows, employee referrals, and college campuses. ACSI screens all potential new employees prior to extending an offer of employment. Screening includes telephone and face-to-face interviews, third-party background checks for criminal offenses and convictions, credit reports for defaulted loans or delinquent debts that may preclude them from working on a client’s portfolio, as well as references and work history. Together, these screening measures ensure only the best candidates are asked to join our team. ACSI also performs criminal background checks on current employees annually to ensure the highest level of integrity is maintained.


Training & Development

ACSI’s training program incorporates classroom, on-the-job, and ongoing training to form a complete employee development approach. The program delivers the right combination of collections know how and regulatory compliance to ensure ACSI Recovery Agents are well-prepared to work the client accounts entrusted to us.


Management & Oversight

The most important ACSI differentiator is the positive motivating culture that has been the foundation of our company since its inception. With this important element in mind, management style varies based on individual personalities, but good managers know how to create a team environment and be leaders and motivators. ACSI’s management approach allows individual managers the latitude to follow their own style, but we also require they follow a company-approved structure to ensure consistency, regulatory compliance, and the best work product.