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Friday, January 19, 2018

COHORT Management

ACSI understands how cohort rates affect higher education institutions and has developed the knowledge and expertise to assist our clients in reducing their rates.

Cohort rates affect colleges’ and universities’ ability to qualify for federal funding and to provide financial assistance to current and future students. While default prevention is the best method of preventing loans from defaulting and affecting Cohort rates, we understand that once loans have entered default status, swift action is required to bring student borrowers into repayment status. ACSI assists colleges and universities in keeping their Cohort rates low through special work queues designed to accelerate resolution and remove defaulted accounts from the Cohort status.

  • Specialized Work Queues - Student borrower accounts in the Cohort period are moved to specialized work queues to be worked by ACSI’s Cohort Reduction Teams. These teams are staffed by Recovery Specialists who focus on removing the borrower from a default status, have a deeper understanding of loan program requirements and timing, have the requisite experience to interface with lenders and servicers, and have a higher level of repayment resolution skills based on their ability to assess borrowers’ current financial situations, including financial literacy, payment habits, job loss, deferment, forbearance, forgiveness, and other relevant circumstances. They also have the knowledge necessary to match student borrowers with the appropriate program through which they may be eligible for other repayment programs if the repayment programs they are enrolled in no longer match their current financial situations.
  • Improved Repayment Habits - ACSI recognizes that financial literacy is an important aspect of maintaining reduced Cohort rates. Because there are many higher education loan programs and options available to assist students in funding their education, a significant number of student borrowers do not fully understand the type of loan they have obtained or the repayment terms associated with those loans. In addition, most student borrowers do not understand the ramifications of not meeting their loan repayment terms. ACSI’s Cohort Recovery Specialists are trained to counsel student borrowers by explaining their loan repayment terms, including timing and due dates; the advantages to student borrowers of making their payments on time, including continued access to higher education funding and post-graduation services from their higher education institution; and the potential impacts to student borrowers of not meeting their loan repayment terms, including negative reports to credit bureaus and inquiries by potential employers.