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Friday, January 19, 2018


ACSI’s skiptracing services are customized to meet each
client’s needs and evolve to continuously integrate
innovation, regulatory changes, and ongoing client goals.

Skiptracing is important to collection agencies such as ACSI that seek to attempt right-party contacts and avoid unnecessary calls to wrong parties. ACSI has implemented an extensive and successful suite of skiptracing options that allow us to locate and verify consumer contact information throughout the collection process, including automated skiptracing processes that search electronic databases to match and update consumer address and telephone information before letters are sent, semi-automated skiptracing tools that combine the use of electronic information brokerage tools with the talents of Recovery Agents and Skiptracing Specialists who are trained to use them to their fullest potential, and step-by-step skiptracing techniques that work accounts progressively through a waterfall approach to ensure all sources have been investigated. ACSI’s skiptracing services include:

  • Automated and Semi-Automated Tools - ACSI uses a far-reaching series of automated and semi-automated skiptracing tools to match consumer names, addresses, and telephone numbers and to rule out death, bankruptcy, and incarceration status. We also search, as permitted by law, credit reports and reverse cross-directories to obtain information. Lastly, we seek to identify employment, ancillary income or stipends, and other asset information that may be tapped to resolve consumer debts. Together, all of these tools allow ACSI to build a composite picture that directly supports the collection strategy desired by our clients and allows us to assess the options available for contacting consumers and encouraging them to resolve their delinquent debts.
  • Proprietary Skiptracing Tool - ACSI has developed and deployed a new, proprietary custom skiptracing tool, Scout, that enables ACSI to not only locate consumers more quickly and efficiently, but also locate hard-to-find consumers that may have been previously deemed unlocatable by other collection agencies. Scout is basically the collectors' interface to the available skiptracing information already obtained via portfolio sweeps and the portal through which they make individual skiptracing information requests. Recovery Agents can also conduct skiptracing searches through information sources Scout has not scoured; however, every information search they do is automatically documented by Scout and recorded in the AJILITY collection system. This is important because Scout prevents the Recovery Agents from duplicating information searches/requests and making duplicate phone calls. Phone calls are part of the information acquisition process, e.g., a Recovery Agent can call a Nearby or some other source one time but cannot call that same number again. This is a huge benefit in the context of lawsuits, complaints, and CFPB compliance.
  • Skiptracing Steps - ACSI’s approach to skiptracing is a deductive step process that begins immediately upon account placement and continues as long as an account is placed with us for collection. Once ACSI has received and loaded a client placement file onto our system, ACSI’s data processing personnel run several locator routines that match information brokerage service files against account names, addresses, and zip codes; unknown or incorrect information is flagged by the system and documented in the account file. Initial placements are also run against bankruptcy and death records and set aside to be processed separately by ACSI’s administrative personnel. Accounts for which a valid address or telephone number exists receive letters or telephone calls as appropriate. If no valid address or telephone number is available, then ACSI’s Recovery Agents and Skiptracing Specialists initiate semi-automated and manual skiptracing attempts.
  • Performed by Recovery Agents and Skiptracing Specialists - ACSI’s Recovery Agents are trained to make optimum use of all of the tools available to them to locate consumers and methodically work through each tool at their disposal to investigate all possibilities. Recovery Agents spend a certain portion of their daily shift performing skiptracing activities in the diligent pursuit and application of their job responsibilities. They also seek new information when communicating with consumers or other information sources and update ACSI’s collection system as this new information is discovered. Hard-to-locate consumers are assigned to ACSI Skiptracing Specialists who have access to more sophisticated and expensive tools that require additional training and expertise to extract the most value from their use. The steps followed by Skiptracing Specialists vary based on account balance and debt type but always comply with client strategy requirements. Skiptracing Specialists hand off consumers contacted by Skiptracing Specialists in real time to Recovery Agents. This handoff achieves two primary goals: it keeps the communication channels with consumers open while they are on the line, and it engages a trained agent to help find a resolution to consumers’ debt problems.