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Friday, January 19, 2018


ACSI’s reporting services are customized to meet each
client’s needs and evolve to continuously integrate
innovation, regulatory changes, and ongoing client goals.

Reports are the window through which our clients can peer into what we’ve done, what we need to do, and what we’ve accomplished. Our flexible and extensive reporting functionality enables ACSI to track and report on nearly any data point stored in our systems, current status, performance results, or historical detail concerning the client portfolios placed with us for collection. Reports are used to analyze and adjust, show performance and trends, and assess clients’ whole portfolio results. Additionally, our collection system lets us create consumer, account, and client custom windows/fields, which allows us to store any additional data that clients may require or want. ACSI’s reporting services include:

  • Real-time Information - ACSI documents collection activity in real-time through our collection system, which automatically records all activity performed as accounts progress through the life cycle of the collections process. ACSI’s Client Service Representatives have access to real-time information when responding to clients’ requests for specific account details, readying accounts to be returned to clients based on contract work standards, and providing input to other ACSI departments that support the collections effort.
  • Standard and Ad Hoc Reports - ACSI can provide system-generated reports that cover a wide variety of our clients’ reporting needs, including placement acknowledgment; exception processing; new telephone and location information; collection activities performed by account, entire portfolio, or a selected segment of a client’s portfolio and the collection history of the same; specialty collections activity performed by debt type or client work requirements; accounts in promise-to-pay agreement status and the projections of future payments and dates; funds collected and remitted; contingency fees paid; and accounts closed and/or returned. In addition, ACSI can prepare ad hoc reports that meet nearly any client reporting need via system report-writing software or programmed by our IT Department to meet clients’ specific reporting requests.
  • Flexible - Because each ACSI client has its own unique reporting needs, we have a flexible approach to generating and customizing reports to meet them as part of our onboarding process. We can provide reports to clients based on any data variable; at any frequency desired or required, including yearly, monthly, weekly, and even daily reports; and in multiple formats such as fax, email, FTP, or via ACSI’s online Client Center..
  • Account History Detail - ACSI captures and documents all account information, actions performed, and outcomes from the time accounts are placed with us for collection, including, but not limited to, calls made, letters sent and returned, skiptracing steps performed, consumer correspondence received, Recovery Agent notes, payment agreements, payments received and remitted, administrative resolutions, disputes and complaints, and accounts returned. We also record and archive all telephone calls and written communications. These historical records validate all of our collection efforts and data accumulated while doing so and are made available to support our clients during any audit, inquiry, or investigation.
  • Status Reports - Our system has the ability to provide reporting by status (e.g. skips, paying, closed, length of time at ACSI, etc.) Accounts that are placed with ACSI as skips are loaded into our system as skip accounts and converted to paying accounts as consumers are located and payment arrangements established.
  • Credit Agency Reporting - ACSI reports to all three of the major credit reporting agencies if permitted or required to by clients. During the account placement process, ACSI codes clients’ portfolios to enable or prohibit reporting to the credit bureaus. Upon receipt of a client’ account placements, we code the accounts to schedule or prohibit reporting to the credit bureaus in compliance with the Client’s preference.