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Friday, January 19, 2018


ACSI’s portfolio methodology is customized to meet each
client’s needs and evolve to continuously integrate
innovation, regulatory changes, and ongoing client goals.

ACSI’s methodology for working clients’ accounts is a total portfolio view that examines each client portfolio in its entirety and as a unique effort that must be tailored to match the client’s objectives. Our methodology presents a course of action for ACSI to work all accounts placed for collection to achieve the highest rate of return for our clients while minimizing adverse consumer reaction. ACSI’s methodology includes:

  • Client-Specific Strategies - ACSI’s clients all have specific requirements related to their organizational purpose and portfolio composition, including consumer demographics, debt type, volume, timing, work and service standards, and process and regulatory compliance mandates. All of these factors affect the development of clients’ collection strategies and the resulting outcomes. ACSI’s methodology incorporates all of these factors and digs into the details vital to producing a custom and successful client collection strategy that prioritizes work queues that yield more recoveries upfront but ensures all accounts are worked. The strategy also avoids consumers with a litigious history whose conduct and agendas might negatively impact our clients, and applies smart practices learned over decades of collecting delinquent debts. Together, these blended components form client-specific strategies that have a positive impact on performance and produce higher recovery results.
  • Results-Driven Approach - ACSI’s clients desire results that obtain the most value from their accounts receivable portfolios and also meet exacting federal and state regulations compliance, engage with their consumers in a professional and non-confrontational manner, and avoid harmful complaints and lawsuits that could damage their reputations and cause additional administrative or legal burdens. ACSI delivers results that meet all of these criteria and more through our automated, system-driven workflows, queues, and ticklers that move and prioritize accounts according to clients’ work standards as they progress through the collection process. Supporting these capabilities are daily dialing strategies designed to follow a hierarchy that schedules priority calls to consumers and Recovery Agent work agendas that schedule time for follow up on missed payments, perform next collection steps on accounts, skiptrace, and field and make calls.
  • Portfolio Coverage - ACSI actively manages each portfolio, ensuring sufficient staffing and making sure consumers have live agents available to receive their telephone calls. We also engage our work strategies to make sure we touch every account, employing skiptracing searches, letter mailings, and telephone attempts. As part of our strategy, ACSI also works selected accounts sequentially by using more than one Recovery Agent, as appropriate, to take advantage of different Recovery Agent personal styles and backgrounds; a different personal approach can sometimes make a difference in consumers’ willingness to respond. In addition, ACSI does not let accounts languish unworked; rather, we seek new information regularly until the account is returned to the client.
  • Compliance Oversight - ACSI’s clients rely on us to be consistent in our application of their contractual requirements, meticulous in our compliance with regulatory mandates, careful in our attention to their portfolio and account details, and persistent in our dedication to pursue recoveries on their behalf. ACSI’s diligence in these areas is first-rate and even extends to encompass processes and procedures that are controlled by sophisticated technical tools that allow us to automatically schedule and monitor the client strategic activity plan. As a result of our thorough and ongoing diligence, ACSI’s clients know they can trust and count on us.