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Friday, January 19, 2018


While service is part of our name, our name is not the only means through which we express our commitment to our clients or the exemplary services we strive to provide to them.

ACSI focuses on debt collection markets in which we have the demonstrated experience and proven performance to give our clients an additional edge in attaining higher recoveries: higher education, healthcare, government, and the financial sectors. The services we offer are customized to meet each client’s needs and evolve to continuously integrate innovation, regulatory changes and ongoing client goals. In addition, ACSI’s understanding of the varying types of debt, and our knowledge and expertise applying a range of options required to resolve them successfully, are tailored to each market we serve and include:

  • Comprehensive Portfolio Services - ACSI’s comprehensive portfolio services are an end-to-end approach to providing our clients with all of the services they need to make sure their portfolios are being worked in their entirety and tailored to match their objectives, including:

    • Methodology that includes digging into the details vital to producing a custom and successful client collection strategy and extracting the most value from their portfolios.
    • Account processing, analytics, and prioritization processes that take advantage of a wide range of available information sources to scrub, score, and analyze account data upfront.
    • Skiptracing suite of options that allow us to locate and verify consumer contact information throughout the collections process, including automated and semi-automated tools.
    • Letters and calls that incorporate the complementary content, timing, and sequence to create a sense of continuity that encourages more consumers to contact us to resolve their debts.
    • Debt resolution dialogue conducted with a professional, helpful, and respectful posture and in a manner that elicits cooperation and focuses on debt resolution options.
    • Payment processing functions performed by personnel in secure, separately controlled environments that are accessible only via controlled access by authorized personnel.
    • Legal options managed by a dedicated legal department that facilitates the pursuit of litigation or liens/levies as a collection enforcement option when authorized by our clients.
    • Technology that includes robust receivables management technology, total call recording and real-time voice analytics, a proprietary skiptracing tool to avoid wrong or repeat party contacts, and reporting systems designed to automate and enhance collections.
    • Reporting, both real-time and historical, via remote client access with flexible and extensive functionality to track and report on nearly any critical element related to client portfolios.
    • Client access and collaboration that includes a Client Center to allow ACSI’s clients to access, obtain, and exchange key project information, assign accounts, view accounts, obtain reports, etc. Read more about this topic here
  •   Education Debt Recovery Services - ACSI’s defaulted student loan and delinquent institutional debt collection services provided to higher education organizations incorporate all of the nuances associated with assisting consumers with repaying their obligations — including those who do not fully understand their loan promissory notes or repayment terms or may also be struggling with some financial literacy issues — as well as stringent compliance with the regulatory requirements governing the lending and repayment of student debts. Read more about this topic here.
  •   Healthcare Debt Recovery Services - ACSI’s healthcare debt collection services provided to the healthcare community emphasizes the deepest sensitivity when interacting with consumers. This approach is essential when communicating with consumers who have, or have had, healthcare issues with which they are wrestling with at the same time they are trying to resolve their accounts. ACSI’s Recovery Agents are aware of these competing pressures and are sensitive to our healthcare clients’ consumers. Read more about this topic here.