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Friday, January 19, 2018

Performance-Based Results

The ACSI Edge offers performance-based results for clients who wish to extract more revenue from their accounts receivable portfolios.

Measuring performance results varies based on clients’ preferred recovery strategies and desired recovery goals as well as the many characteristics associated with clients’ portfolios — debt type, age of accounts, balance, consumer demographics, placement level, and so forth. ACSI focuses its efforts on achieving the highest returns possible; we are consistently a top performer when measured against our peers via client score-cards. In the absence of a client scorecard, we consistently strive to improve performance with our own internal benchmarking and quality reviews. Highlights of some distinctive, performance-based results we deliver to our clients include:

  • Small-Balance Collections - ACSI deploys a small-balance strategy that utilizes a letter campaign to direct consumers to pay their small balance via a convenient, self-pay website. This strategy makes collecting on small balances more feasible for clients whose portfolios contain a percentage of small-balance accounts or clients who wish to clean up their portfolios. For consumers, it’s a way for them to pay their debts without having to actually contact a collection agency. In both cases, ACSI can recover revenue that might otherwise not be collected and add to our clients’ bottom lines.
  • Cash Collections - ACSI assists clients in improving their immediate cash flows by focusing on a cash collections strategy. Whether a consumer chooses to pay by check, online, or via Recovery Agent assistance, ACSI first attempts to resolve all debts via payment in full. If the consumer cannot pay in full, ACSI will offer to accept a down payment and installment plans via electronic payment to resolve all debts in the shortest time frame possible.
  • Internet Collections - For ACSI clients who wish to initiate a web-based collection strategy, we coordinate correspondence and message campaigns to consumers, notifying them of their debt obligations and offering them the option to pay via ACSI’s online payment website or our client-customized Avatar website. These websites can be programmed to meet client-approved payment arrangement options so consumers can select the arrangement that best meets their current financial situation.
  • Older Receivables Collections - ACSI works client portfolios that contain older receivables by leveraging our experience, using a settlement strategy to yield recoveries on debts normally viewed as uncollectible. This approach offers consumers pre-approved client settlement arrangements upfront to quickly resolve old receivables and enable ACSI clients to retire their portfolios, thereby reducing the number of accounts that our clients must manage.
  • Government Loan Collections - For client portfolios containing federally funded or guaranteed student loans, ACSI deploys a comprehensive strategy designed to maximize consumer participation in the government-sponsored loan rehabilitation or consolidation programs, depending on the client’s resolution focus. This approach requires a tailored process for setting up proper qualifying payment arrangements, constantly tracking monthly payments and follow-up calls, assisting consumers in completing the required government documentation, and filing all required documentation with the loan servicer, whether a guarantor or the U.S. Department of Education.