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Friday, January 19, 2018

Long-Term Client Relationships

The ACSI Edge provides high-performing results consistently and reliably to benefit our clients over the long-term.

ACSI has been servicing debt portfolios for more than two decades. While a revolving door of clients is a business strategy for some collection agencies, ACSI holds a long-distance view toward developing client relationships, and has established long-lasting relationships with many of our clients. In fact, a significant majority of our client base has been with ACSI for more than 10 years. Long-term client relationships are important to us and yield several advantages to both ACSI and its clients.

  • Team Building - Team building is a key component of ACSI’s client relationship approach. We believe it is a crucial component for establishing a foundation of trust, creating a rapport based on partnership and cooperation, and developing an optimum work model that allows ACSI and its clients to achieve the best results.
  • Client-Specific Knowledge - ACSI begins each client relationship by diligently acquiring and under-standing each client’s specific environment, including infrastructure, systems, interfaces, portfolio composition, consumer demographics, and reporting. We also acquire an understanding of the nuances, preferences, and challenges associated with each client.
  • Continuous Improvement - ACSI’s clients do not have to settle for the status quo, because we are constantly seeking new ways to improve our performance and prevent poor performance from developing. Our work and quality assurance processes ensure that ACSI implements improvements and efficiencies to increase productivity, refines best practices, and delivers better outcomes.
  • Adaptability - ACSI’s ability adapt to change, whether it be related to clients’ organizational structures, portfolio compositions, industry protocols, rules and regulations, or ad hoc requests, allows us to adjust to foreseen and unforeseen events and ensures we are synchronizing our services to our clients’ unique circumstances.