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Friday, January 19, 2018

High Client Satisfaction

The ACSI Edge offers a high-level of satisfaction to clients
who wish to engage with a business partner that places
client customer service as a top priority.

Client satisfaction is the most important directive for ACSI in every way: as a business, as a company culture, as a collections operation, and as employee stakeholders. That we take this directive very seriously is evidenced by the reasons many of our current clients maintain long-term working relationships and new clients seek us out.

  • End-to-End Services - ACSI offers a full range of recovery services for delinquent and defaulted accounts receivable, including portfolio analytics; skiptracing; letter and telephone campaigns; payment resolution and processing; legal enforcement; government-sponsored, higher education program recoveries, such as loan consolidation and rehabilitation, administrative wage garnishment, and legal referral; and, medical-based resolutions from government payers, insurance providers, and employers.
  • Custom Services - ACSI’s clients are not forced to adapt their needs to fit our services; instead, we tailor our services to clients’ needs. From the time a client selects ACSI as its agency, we begin customizing every aspect of our services, including onboarding, letter generation, call scripting, dialing campaigns, reporting, and recovery focus — whether cash collections, small-balance collections, self-pay collections, regular collections, government-sponsored resolutions, or settlement collections —to ensure ACSI’s clients receive a total solution that works for their unique portfolios.
  • Results-Driven Services - All collection agencies work to collect as much as they can because the contingency payment structure incentivizes them to do so. However, the value-added work ACSI performs behind the scenes — client portfolio analysis, custom-client collection solutions development, targeted recovery strategies, and continuous improvement consultations — sets us apart from our peers and is the key driver of the high-performance results we are able to consistently deliver to our clients.
  • Add-on Services - ACSI’s clients are so pleased with our services and results that they routinely increase the amount and scope of work that they entrust to us. ACSI’s capacity and ability to seamlessly integrate additional work from our clients — whether that work be increased placement volumes, new debt types from their portfolios, expanded collection requirements, or specialty campaigns — into our current workflows, gives them the flexibility to meet surge demands, adapt to regulatory changes, modify existing approaches, enhance current strategies, and accommodate new initiatives and/or growth in response to changes in their business models and operations.