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Friday, February 23, 2018

Proven Results

The ACSI Edge offers proven results for clients who wish to increase revenue and establish long-term business relationships.

To adequately assess the ability of a recovery management agency and its tactics, it is important to measure the agency’s success against four key metrics.

  • Performance-Based Results — In the world of debt collections, performance results are often measured in numbers based strictly on the amount or percentage of monies returned to an organization and/or the competitive placement ranking among a group of recovery vendors. These measurements are important in assessing how effective a particular recovery agency has been historically, and will likely be, for new clients. ACSI is a top-tier performer when measured against our peers as documented here.
  • High Client Satisfaction — The most accurate assessment of client satisfaction can only be determined by what a client says about a recovery agency and whether the client wishes to continue working with that agency. ACSI’s clients typically measure their satisfaction with us through several approval areas: superior security, excellent results, ease of implementation, fast response times, low administrative burden, and, of course, the professional manner in which we represent them. ACSI continually receives high client satisfaction marks in these approval areas as documented here.
  • Long-Term Client Relationships — Since our formation in 1988, ACSI has made client satisfaction a top priority, to which we have maintained a strong and steadfast commitment. This commitment drives our daily conduct which, when woven together over time, has resulted in many long-term client relationships, several of which have been with us since our inception. Ultimately, a recovery agency’s true measure of success is simply the degree to which clients are satisfied with its services. ACSI’s clients have such a high degree of satisfaction with our services that we are frequently ranked as the agency of choice as documented here.
  • Client and Consumer Relationships — The customer service needs of consumers differ from those of clients in several self-evident ways: the consumer owes a debt, the client holds the debt as an accounts receivable; consumers’ reasons for contacting ACSI are related to their debt obligation(s), while clients’ reasons for contacting ACSI are related to their portfolio, and so on. To meet these individual needs, ACSI has developed specific consumer customer service protocols to meet them, including respectful and helpful interactions, a unique, industry-leading service posture, free financial literacy education, multiple communication channels, and a toll-free Consumer Hotline as documented here.