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Friday, January 19, 2018

Training and Development

The ACSI Edge offers comprehensive training and employee development to assure clients that capable Recovery Agents
are being assigned to their portfolios.

ACSI’s training program incorporates classroom, on-the-job, and ongoing training to form a complete employee development approach. The program delivers the right combination of collections know how and regulatory compliance to ensure ACSI Recovery Agents are well-prepared to work the client accounts entrusted to us.

  • Classroom Training - New hires receive up to two full weeks of concentrated classroom training, determined by their market segment, before entering on-the-job training with their assigned recovery teams. Classroom training includes understanding the collections process, using the collection system, skiptracing to locate consumers, communicating with consumers (tone, demeanor, and so forth), educating consumers on their financial responsibilities, selling consumers on resolving their debts, establishing payment arrangements, and making follow-up calls. They also receive extensive regulatory training on topics including, but not limited to, company compliance policies, the FDCPA, FCRA, Privacy Act, and GLBA; debt-specific regulations such as HIPAA (healthcare) and Title IV (education); state-specific regulatory training; and, security awareness training. All new hires are tested on their understanding of regulatory requirements before being assigned to the collection floor. Semiannual/annual retesting is required of all collection personnel to validate their understanding of federal and state regulations and laws.
  • On-the-Job Training - Employees who pass new-hire training receive one-on-one training with their assigned team. Working directly with their Team Leader and the experienced Recovery Agents who make up their team, new Recovery Agents learn to put their classroom training into practice through role playing, observation, coaching, and mentoring. This sequence allows ACSI to transition new Recovery Agents before they are ready to work client accounts unsupervised from a mock environment to a real-time environment. Team bonus structures ensure ACSI’s recovery teams have a vested interest in training new Recovery Agents to be successful.
  • Ongoing Training and Development - Because our people are our greatest asset, ACSI actively invests in their development, including internal and/or or external training and education. Ongoing training and education is situational based on employee and/or company goals: employee performance, career advancement, skills improvement, and college and university coursework, to name a few. Training may be in the form of one-on-one discussions, refresher/remedial sessions, workshops, webinars, and so forth. By investing in our workforce, ACSI can meet employees’ development needs, achieve higher employee satisfaction and thus higher employee retention rates, and provide career paths by promoting from within.