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Friday, January 19, 2018

Recruiting and Screening

The ACSI Edge employs ongoing recruiting and comprehensive
screening for new applicants so our clients are assured
of the quality of the staff allocated to their portfolios.

ACSI employs full-time staff who are tasked with advertising for, identifying, screening, and hiring potential candidates for employment.

  • Recruiting - ACSI’s primary recruiting goal is to match qualified candidates with the right job to foster retention. We use a variety of methods to generate candidate leads, including web-based sourcing and recruiting sites, job fairs, trade shows, employee referrals, and college campuses. We also build partnerships with community-based organizations to enhance ACSI’s recruitment strategies.
  • Screening - ACSI screens all potential new employees prior to extending an offer of employment. Screening includes telephone and face-to-face interviews, third-party background checks for criminal offenses and convictions, credit reports for defaulted loans or delinquent debts that may preclude them from working on a client’s portfolio, as well as references and work history. Together, these screening measures ensure only the best candidates are asked to join our team. ACSI also performs criminal background checks on current employees annually to ensure the highest level of integrity is maintained.
  • Ongoing Recruiting - ACSI requires a constant flow of qualified new candidates to keep pace with our growth and to meet client opportunities as they arise. Our recruiting staff is tasked with monitoring our immediate and forecasted personnel needs. Candidates are matched to available openings and monitored as they progress through the clearance process. Our staff also tracks key performance indicators to monitor the effectiveness of ACSI’s recruiting tools and retention percentages to minimize turnover. Equally important, ACSI’s recruiting staff ensures all of the policies and procedures are in place for compliance with federal and state employment requirements.