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Friday, January 19, 2018

Qualifications and Experience

The ACSI Edge offers industry and market segment subject matter experts as our Project Management Team for clients who wish to have dedicated contacts within the ACSI organization.

ACSI employees have a higher-than-average tenure for our industry and, as a result, are highly experienced in their respective area of debt collection expertise. The qualifications and experience of the ACSI professionals who work with our clients and their consumers are one of the most important reasons for selecting ACSI as your recovery management agency. Every ACSI client is assigned a Project Management Team (PMT) that is responsible for ensuring total client satisfaction for the duration of a contract with ACSI.

  • Project Manager and Alternate Project Manager - A dedicated Project Manager experienced in the debt collection requirements directly applicable to a client’s unique portfolio is assigned to each client contract. The Project Manager maintains frequent communications with the client and has ultimate responsibility for the successful partnership between ACSI and our client. An Alternate Project Manager, who is as equally capable and experienced as the Project Manager, is also assigned to each client contract as backup to the Project Manager in the event of his/her absence.
  • Client Services Representative (CSR) - A dedicated ACSI CSR is assigned to each ACSI client. CSR’s interact with clients on a daily basis and juggle a myriad of responsibilities, including onboarding and implementation, responding to client inquiries; investigating account discrepancies and anomalies; coordinating IT, connectivity, and client online access requirements; and submitting reports as prescribed by each client.
  •  Operations Department Manager -  A designated Recovery Manager experienced is assigned to each client contract to manage collection activities and monitor performance and quality control; enforce client contract performance and regulatory standards, develop job descriptions, and establish work standards; and conduct workflow planning and operational analyses to enhance collection performance.
  • Executive Sponsor - An Executive Sponsor provides the corporate backing for each ACSI client contract, including the authority to approve financial and staffing resources commitments, ensuring access to all available resources company-wide, and support for add-on and surge work needs.
  • Corporate Commitment - Resources from ACSI’s Corporate Compliance, IT, Finance, Training, and Human Resources departments support all of ACSI’s client contracts. These resources provide additional expertise in their respective knowledge areas to meet general and client-specific contract requirements, including technical and security requirements, trust accounting and remittance transactions, and ongoing recruiting to meet client capacity needs.