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Friday, January 19, 2018

Management and Oversight

The ACSI Edge offers multiple levels of contract management and compliance oversight for clients who wish to know that the right combination of experience and leadership is in place.

The most important ACSI differentiator is the positive motivating culture that has been the foundation of our company since its inception. With this important element in mind, management style varies based on individual personalities, but good managers know how to create a team environment and be leaders and motivators. ACSI’s management approach allows individual managers the latitude to follow their own style, but we also require they follow a company-approved structure to ensure consistency, regulatory compliance, and the best work product.

  • Manager Staffing Ratios and Relationships - The close proximity of Production Managers to Team Leaders to Recovery Agents enables the direct, physical observation of daily collection activity, allows more experienced collection personnel to transfer their knowledge to less experienced personnel in a live environment, and reinforces a team camaraderie when individual and team successes are achieved.
  • Workforce Management Tools - ACSI’s technology provides Managers and Team Leaders with the tools they need to create dialer campaigns and build work queues to meet daily or client-specific production needs, automated and ad hoc reports to assess productivity benchmarks, and call recordings to evaluate the quality of Recovery Agents’ communications with consumers and adherence to regulatory compliance.
  • Accountability - ACSI sets performance goals for all recovery personnel, including time skiptracing, number of calls made/fielded, talk time/updating time, amount collected, and broken payment arrangement follow-ups. These measurements promote sustained improvement by even the most expert Recovery Agents and, when combined with the constant, attentive presence of Recovery Managers and Team Leaders on the floor, comprise the real power of accountability.
  • Remedial Options - ACSI takes elaborate steps to recruit, train, integrate, and develop our recovery personnel. Sometimes, however, a new recruit does not match well with the job environment or an existing employee’s personal situation changes, requiring ACSI to implement remedial actions, such as additional training, one-on-one discussion, reassignment, or disciplinary action. In all cases, though, ACSI works to mitigate potential problems proactively and resolve them expeditiously and fairly.