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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Enterprise-Wide Quality

The ACSI EDGE offers enterprise-wide quality for
clients who wish to be certain that quality touches
every process associated with servicing their portfolio.

Quality is implemented, documented, measured, audited, and evaluated across ACSI’s entire business. Treating quality as a formal process has several advantages that benefit ACSI and its clients, including ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance requirements, client contract and service requirements, and ACSI’s own internal work standards. In addition, internal and external auditing is performed to provide a double layer of assurance that ACSI is meeting not only our own quality standards, but also the quality standards of our clients and the entities governing and regulating the collections industry.

  • Regulatory Compliance - Regulatory compliance applies to nearly all processes associated with debt collection operations and covers a multitude of laws, rules, and regulations issued by federal and state governing bodies, including debt collection and financial regulations, higher education regulations, healthcare regulations, security regulations, financial regulations, state regulations, and industry-standard regulations. Read more about regulatory compliance here.
  • Stringent Internal Audits - ACSI’s internal audit program was developed in response to our pursuit of ACA International’s Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) certification. ACSI is one of the few collection agencies to achieve ACA PPMS certification: less than 2 percent of collection agencies are PPMS certified. PPMS requires that we evaluate our business operations against core areas that cover security, regulatory compliance, management, data and records, processes, responsibilities, training, controls, audits, and follow-through. Audits are conducted against ACSI’s PPMS documented procedures by ACSI’s audit personnel as described here.
  • Multiple Third-Party Audits - ACSI uses a number of independent firms to provide third-party auditing services for our organization. External audits provide an independent assessment of the effectiveness and compliance of ACSI’s quality program. They also provide validation and proof, frequently via certifications backed by recognized subject-matter authorities, that ACSI is adhering to its quality program. Read more about ACSI’s third-party audits here.