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Friday, January 19, 2018

Targeted Recoveries Strategy

The ACSI Edge offers targeted recovery strategies for
clients who wish to fine-tune and/or penetrate
specific segments of their portfolios.

In addition to performing the normal and customary work associated with recovery activity — data validation and cleanup, skiptracing, scoring, scheduling letter and call campaigns, obtaining payment, collaborative online payment options, and so forth — ACSI extracts the most value from a client’s portfolio via targeted recovery solutions that pinpoint the unique requirements of each client’s market and establish a resolution hierarchy that matches the client’s needs and goals.

  • Education - Education debt requires the integration of government-sponsored programs such as loan rehabilitation, consolidation, administrative wage garnishment, or legal referral into the recovery process. Some clients prefer a recovery focus that utilizes one recovery option over another and/or a waterfall approach to working out a resolution plan. ACSI works with its education clients to create recovery workflows that produce the desired outcomes based on clients’ preferences. Read more about the education markets ACSI serves here. Read more about how ACSI services its education clients here.
  • Healthcare - Knowing who is the responsible party for paying a healthcare debt (for example, Medicare/Medicaid, insurers, consumers, or a combination) is the first and most important step toward recovering healthcare debts. ACSI’s healthcare recovery teams have the in-depth knowledge to converse with all responsible parties and obtain payment from the proper payer while following their protocols. Read more about how ACSI serves its healthcare clients here.
  • Government - Government debt encompasses a wide range of account types, from court fines to parking tickets to utilities such as municipal-run sanitation, water, and so forth. Account volumes also vary widely, from a significant placement of small-balance accounts to a few large-balance accounts. And these debts are subject to a number of external factors such court-specific payment arrangement mandates and local regulations that make a targeted solution crucial to a successful recovery approach. ACSI has the high level of flexibility and experience necessary to handle the diverse requirements associated with government debts. Read more about the government markets ACSI serves here. Read more about how ACSI services its government clients here.
  • Private - While debts owed to the private sector may appear to be alike, there are variances that make a targeted approach worthwhile. For example, a financial institution with debts approaching the “charge-off” stage of the revenue management cycle may desire a recovery campaign that keeps the debts from crossing over the threshold to bad debt. A debt buyer, on the other hand, may realize higher recoveries by pursuing a settlement campaign approach. No matter what our private-sector clients’ goals, ACSI has the operational flexibility and capacity to meet them. Read more about the private-sector markets ACSI serves here. Read more about how ACSI services its private-sector clients here.