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Friday, January 19, 2018

Custom Client Solutions

The ACSI Edge offers custom client solutions for clients who wish to benefit from an individualized and flexible recovery strategy.

One of the primary pillars of ACSI’s ability to deliver successful results to our clients is our ability to create custom client solutions, solutions that integrate:

  • Total Portfolio Service - ACSI employs strategies to work our clients’ entire portfolios with the focus of achieving maximum recovery. Regardless of the debt type, balance due, account age, consumer demographics, etc. we utilize appropriate collection efforts to touch every account. Equally important, we deploy our efforts for as long as accounts are placed with ACSI.
  • Client Targets - ACSI incorporates clients’ recovery goals into our collection strategies to produce clients’ desired results. This requires careful monitoring of performance data and making timely adjustments to mitigate any dips or downward trends in recovery numbers.
  • Workflow Methodology - ACSI formulates the right combination for the sequence and timing of skiptracing, letters, and telephone calls to ensure a high success rate of right party contacts and follow-up communications. In addition, we can develop a segmented approach that allows us to work accounts by debt type, age, placement level, government-sponsored program initiative, and so forth. Segmenting accounts in this manner ensures accounts requiring immediate attention are loaded into work queues first.
  • Automation - ACSI creates customized, system-generated workflows based on the methodology desired by each client. We also program our system to reflect client-approved payment hierarchy to ensure all payment negotiations and resolutions satisfy their requirements.