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Friday, January 19, 2018

Consultive Collections Approach

The ACSI Edge utilizes a consultative collections approach
for clients who wish to collaborate on recovery as
well as providing counseling options for consumers.

ACSI works with both our clients and their consumers in a respectful and professional manner that promotes positive communications through:

  • Client Consultations - ACSI provides consulting services to all of our clients as part of our complete client-custom service package. These consulting services are designed to assist clients in fine-tuning the performance results of their portfolios placed with ACSI for collection and/or resolution and include the following.

    • Client portfolios are analyzed using a combination of methodologies to produce outcomes that will result in the highest recoveries.

    • When ACSI discovers areas of improvement, weakness, and/or gaps and trends that impact a client's results, we suggest actionable recommendations to implement them.

    • As a client partner, ACSI shares new approaches, techniques, and technologies that have the potential to improve a client's results.

    • ACSI subscribes to several information resources to keep current with, and alert clients to, the regulatory changes and industry trends that affect debt collections.

  • Consumer Counseling - ACSI interacts with our clients' consumers via a patient and helpful posture that:

    • Treats consumers in the same respectful way that our clients treat their consumers.

    • Educates consumers on why they are responsible for their financial obligations.

    • Explains the options available to each consumer's specific situation.

    • Works with consumers to resolve their obligations based on their financial status and capabilities.

    • Provide free on-line financial literacy education to assist consumers in better managing their debt obligations.