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Friday, February 23, 2018

Comprehensive Security

The ACSI Edge offers comprehensive security for clients who wish to be 100% confident that their confidential data is protected.

Security has moved to the forefront of every organization due to advances in technology and the move toward an increasingly complex data environment that includes various parties sharing, transferring, handling, storing, and archiving consumer data. Security also requires large infrastructure investments to protect data and to comply with government regulatory mandates, private sector requirements, and consumer demands for confidentiality. As users and holders of client data, we understand the seriousness of our responsibility to protect client and consumer data and to ensure compliance with all federal and state regulatory mandates as well as our clients’ security requirements.

  • Multi-Level Security - True and defensible data security requires many layers of protection — external and internal, networks, systems, telecommunications, physical, personnel, and documentation — to establish defensive postures to protect data; assess and test data access and vulnerability; and respond quickly, decisively, and appropriately to attempted breaches. ACSI has implemented and maintains a comprehensive menu of security measures designed to combat the everyday and the extreme threats affecting security. Read more about ACSI’s multi-level security infrastructure here.
  • Extensive Security Compliance - Security compliance requirements are extensive considering the inclusive and sometimes overlapping mandates issued by federal, state, and local governments; external, private-sector businesses; and internal information technology best practices. ACSI is enrolled in the TECH LOCK® Certified Program in addition to our internal security program. These programs, combined with ACSI’s formal security policies and training, form a security compliance regimen that ensures ACSI exceeds industry standards. Read more about ACSI’s extensive security compliance measures here.