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Friday, January 19, 2018

Toll-Free Consumer Hotline

The ACSI Edge offers a toll-free Consumer Hotline for clients who wish to ensure their consumers can address issues or concerns independently of the collections process.

ACSI established a toll-free Consumer Hotline to provide a distinctive and useful, service to our clients’ consumers. The toll-free Consumer Hotline is an alternative communications channel through which ACSI provides multiple services, including complaint mitigation, dispute/issue resolution assistance, and forwarding of consumer calls.

  • Consumer Help Services - Some consumers need help specific to their unique situation. The Consumer Hotline Call Representatives have a broad range of experience and training that enables them to assist consumers with questions or issues for which a conversation with a Recovery Agent may not be appropriate. They can also reach back within the company to obtain the information required to assist consumers or forward them to the individual who can.
  • Complaint Mitigation and Reduction - Consumer complaints range from minor issues and misunderstandings to serious allegations of regulatory violation. Consumer Hotline Call Representatives are trained to know the difference and assist consumers by investigating and addressing their complaints in a timely fashion. Mitigating complaints in this way benefits the consumer by swiftly and objectively resolving identified issues and benefits our clients by reducing adverse consumer reaction.
  • Independent and Impartial Call Representatives - The Call Representatives who field the toll-free Consumer Hotline are an independent group and separate from ACSI’s collection operations; thus, they have no vested interest in the collection process and can maintain impartiality. Additionally, their work area is physically segregated from the Recovery Agents’ to prevent collaboration between Call Representatives and Recovery Agents.
  • Documentation and Follow-up - ACSI logs all incoming consumer calls as a service ticket to ensure all calls are entered into the system and tracked until final resolution. The system also allows hot-line Call Representatives to enter notes documenting the nature of the call, required action(s), and how and when each call was resolved. A service ticket cannot be closed until all required action(s) have been completed appropriately and satisfactorily.