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Friday, January 19, 2018

Consumer Customer Service

The ACSI Edge offers consumer customer service to
clients who wish to have a tailored approach to
meeting the specific needs of their consumers.

The customer service needs of consumers differ from those of clients in several self-evident ways: the consumer owes a debt, the client holds the debt as an accounts receivable; consumers’ reasons for contacting ACSI are related to their debt obligation(s), while clients’ reasons for contacting ACSI are related to their portfolio, and so on. To meet these disparate needs, ACSI has developed specific consumer customer service protocols:

  • Service Posture - While all ACSI personnel know they must conduct themselves in a professional manner when communicating with our clients at all times, ACSI differentiates itself from its peers in several ways that are not normally associated with a collection agency. ACSI Recovery Agents are expected to create a non-stressful experience for consumers when they communicate with them by exhibiting demeanor and attitudes that are respectful, not confrontational, maintaining voice tones that are helpful, not badgering, and interacting with consumers in a way that encourages positive resolution of their debts.
  • Recovery Agent Assignment - The first dialogue between a consumer and an ACSI Recovery Agent assigns that consumer’s account to a specific Recovery Agent. From that point on, the consumer has a direct contact that is known to them, who can be called and asked questions, who can provide follow-up documentation, and who can facilitate any other communication related to the consumer’s account. In addition, if ACSI needs to contact the consumer, the Recovery Agent with whom the Recovery Agent has been communicating initiates contact with the consumer. In this way, ACSI improves consumers’ experience and satisfaction with ACSI and reduces their frustration by not having to deal with multiple Recovery Agents.
  • Financial Literacy - ACSI has made a corporate commitment to help our clients and their consumers by offering free, online financial education assistance while we work with them to resolve their delinquent debts. It is our hope this additional suite of financial education modules - available online from Inceptia, a national provider of financial education programs and paid for by ACSI - will help them avoid future financial problems and assist our clients as they manage their accounts receivable portfolios. Consumers who communicate with ACSI are provided an initial logon to access the financial education programs free of charge.
  • Multiple Communications Channels - ACSI has instituted several communications channels through which our consumers can contact ACSI, including a toll-free consumer number, consumer website, online payment portal, and a toll-free Consumer Hotline. Maintaining multiple consumer communications channels gives consumers access to ACSI that is convenient for them.