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Friday, January 19, 2018

Company Culture

The ACSI EDGE Offers an Exceptional Company Culture for
Clients Who Wish to Team with a Recovery Agency That
Values its Own and its Clients’ Reputations.

Our company culture permeates every aspect of our organization, including the CEO, President, COO, Senior Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, and, most important, the front-line personnel who make our day-to-day successes a reality. Collectively, and as a team, we all have a stake in the company’s success, reputation, and longevity; however, it’s our culture that binds us together and keeps our focus where it belongs.

  • Client Satisfaction - Our clients’ satisfaction with our services is the single most important motivator for us and the benchmark by which we evaluate our work product, customer service achievements, and performance references. It is also a reflection of the ACSI culture, from senior management on down to front-line personnel, to put our clients first in all that we do, including the extra effort we devote to daily client contact and communication, client relationship management, and periodic surveys.
  • Relationship Commitment - ACSI is committed to lasting and collaborative relationships with our clients. This commitment is evidenced by our positive and successful long-term relationships with our clients, many of which have been with ACSI since the company’s inception, and by our professional conduct, responsiveness, follow through, and sincere desire to form partnerships based on respect, trust, and mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Quality Pledge - ACSI concentrates on delivering tangible quality at every level of the company’s operations. Internal and external auditing, call analytics and intervention, protected information scrutiny, and security incident monitoring are just some of the quality assurance filters we deploy to ensure our work meets not only our own standards but also those of our clients. We also invest heavily in new technology, operational efficiencies, and regulatory compliance.