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Friday, January 19, 2018

Our Edge

The ACSI Edge offers an exceptional value for clients
who wish to partner with a recovery agency that packs
innovation and quality into everything we do.

The ACSI Edge reflects our deep understanding of, and total commitment to, our clients’ needs by providing several key advantages that deliver a best-in-class suite of services and are an unmatched value in our marketplace:

  • Proven Results — While ACSI is regularly a top performer when measured “by the numbers” against our peers, we also achieve significant results in other, equally important ways: comprehensive work strategies for clients’ entire portfolios, professional and results-focused interactions with consumers to achieve maximum results, high client satisfaction due to consistent and innovative practices, and long-term client relationships based on trust and true collaboration. Read more about ACSI’s results here
  • Effective Resolution — The solid building blocks that ACSI utilizes to formulate and repeat the patterns of success have a positive impact on our clients’ bottom lines, including higher recoveries and increased cash flows. Our blueprint for effectively resolving delinquent debts and maximizing the re-turns on our clients’ portfolios, including a consultive approach, custom client solutions, and targeted recovery strategies, is described in detail here.
  • Professional Staff — For a client- and service-centric business such as ACSI’s, people make the difference between success and failure. We attribute ACSI’s success to the professional conduct of our staff and our approach to creating and maintaining a stable and motivated workforce. This includes matching individual qualifications and experience with the right job, through recruiting and screening, comprehensive training and development, and a commitment by management to continuously mentor other team members and direct reports. A description of ACSI’s professional staff is detailed here.
  • A Culture of Service — The beliefs, behaviors, and characteristics of an organization form its culture and are disseminated throughout the organization through leadership example. ACSI’s leadership has set the bar for ACSI’s company culture by establishing a culture of service that places client and consumer service as a high priority; it is also the driving force for how we conduct ourselves, including exhibiting and maintaining a professional, helpful, and respectful service posture at all times when communicating with consumers and clients. Read about ACSI’s company culture, client customer service, and independent consumer support here.
  • Comprehensive Security — It is critically important for our clients to know ACSI takes data security very seriously. We have achieved the stringent TECH LOCK® Certified Service Provider, the industry standard for federal and state security compliance. In addition, the responses to potential threats, both internally and externally, require an ongoing program of due diligence to stay abreast of new threats. ACSI has implemented a multi-level security approach and extensive security compliance as described in detail here.
  • Enterprise-wide Quality and Regulatory Compliance — Quality impacts every aspect of ACSI’s business and is implemented cross-functionally to touch all processes and procedures requiring quality checks and validations. We have instituted numerous programs, processes, and quality checks and balances to ensure complete compliance with required processes and procedures. In addition to external consultant oversight, we have a dedicated Corporate Compliance Department that internally monitors activities such as client contract and performance requirements, recording of all calls, account audits, complaints, and credit bureau reporting to list a few. Our regulatory compliance, stringent internal audits, and multiple third-party audits form a quality and compliance firewall to ensure quality is enforced. Read more about ACSI’s quality program here.