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Friday, January 19, 2018


ACSI understands the environment in which healthcare providers must manage their accounts receivable and has the experience and expertise to assist them in meeting their recovery goals.

ACSI has provided comprehensive, nationwide collection services to healthcare providers since 1994. We work primary, secondary, and tertiary account placements for our healthcare clients and provide a full range of services, including automated and semi-automated skiptracing, strategic letter and call campaigns, custom debt negotiation and resolution including assistance with insurance documentation, timely and accurate payment processing, supplemental services such as asset investigation and legal enforcement or referral (as permitted), and flexible reporting. ACSI currently services multiple healthcare clients to include:

  • Hospitals and Medical Centers - Because hospitals and medical centers can be public, private, for-profit/not-for-profit, and/or teaching institutions, they have a variety of different needs related to their purpose and charters, funding and funding sources, and the characteristics specific to the various nationwide and/or regional locations and ethnic populations that they serve. They also typically have larger and more diverse consumer demographic requirements for which they must provide additional support, including language translation services, religious preferences and customs accommodations, and charity care assistance as well. This means hospitals and medical centers have different revenue cycle management requirements. Read more about ACSI’s hospital and medical center service offering here.
  • Clinics and Physician Groups - The clinics and physician groups that dot the U.S. landscape form the support network that supplements hospitals and medical centers in several ways: they are very diverse in size and scale, specialize in one or more healthcare services, and frequently serve as the day-to-day healthcare providers for non-emergency situations. Their business models also require varied revenue cycle management needs from accounts receivable billing to collection of payments. Read more about ACSI’s clinic and physician group service offerings here.