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Friday, January 19, 2018


ACSI understands the environment in which higher education institutions must manage their accounts receivable and has the experience and expertise to assist them in meeting recovery goals.

ACSI has provided comprehensive, nationwide collection services to higher education organizations since 1989. We work primary, secondary, and tertiary account placements for our higher education clients, providing them with a full range of services, including automated and semi-automated skip tracing; strategic letter and call campaigns; custom debt negotiation and resolution; timely and accurate payment processing; supplemental services such as loan consolidation, rehabilitation, administrative wage garnishment where approved on their behalf; and, flexible reporting. Higher education organizations we provide services to include:

  • Colleges and Universities - ACSI is fortunate to have subject matter experts, with extensive experience collecting on debts owed to colleges and universities, filling leadership roles in our company; thus, we understand that these portfolios often contain a mix of federal loans and institutional debts and are subject to variable regulatory compliance requirements associated with each debt type. Our comprehensive college and university recovery solution incorporates the different approaches required to resolve federal loans, including Perkins and Health Professions loans, and reduce the three-year COHORT rate. In addition, ACSI applies time-tested strategies to collecting institutional debts, including tuition and general accounts receivable. Read more about ACSI’s college and university service offering here.
  • Guarantors - ACSI’s experience collecting on higher education debts is rock solid and began with working federal loans held in our guarantor clients’ portfolios; thus, we understand the role of the guarantors and their relationship and responsibilities governed by the Higher Education Act and federal regulations. As a proven top performer, ACSI offers a customized recovery program based on each guarantor’s goals; we incorporate the best path toward resolution, including loan rehabilitation or consolidation and when approved, administrative wage garnishment. Read more about ACSI’s guarantor service offering here.
  • Private Lenders - Higher education debts held in private lenders’ portfolios are unique as they are commercial consumer loans, are often associated with cosigners, and have some key collection strategy requirements that differentiate them from federal loans. A key element in resolving these debts is providing the financial education required to ensure that consumers understand how their private loans differ from the other federal or institutional debts. ACSI’s approach to working private education debt incorporates a consumer educational component while holding all parties responsible. Read more about ACSI’s private lender service offering here.