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Friday, January 19, 2018


Since 1988, ACSI has worked diligently for the benefit of our clients through professionalism, hard work, and an ongoing commitment to provide them with the highest level of service.

ACSI was founded by Vincent P. Duffy, Jr. and Wanda F. Morris-Keech in 1988. Vincent continues to serve as an ACSI board member. Prior to establishing ACSI, Vincent was President of Grace China Company before founding and serving as Executive Vice President of Kanney Marketing Services of Long Island, New York. In 1983, Vincent founded and served as President of Touch and Save of Nashville until it was acquired by Telecom*USA in December of 1988. Wanda began working in the collection industry in 1976 with Credit Clearing Corporation before joining Central Adjustment Bureau in 1981, where she held several key positions, including regional operations manager in charge of 14 branch offices covering 22 states.

ACSI began providing debt collection services to local retailers in 1988 and expanded to provide services to local healthcare providers shortly thereafter. With a successful start-up period, our client-centric service approach and excellent performance results led to our entrance into the higher education market. ACSI began the 1990s by representing our first guarantor client. Our success thereafter allowed ACSI to continually add to our client list, including clients in the healthcare, government, and financial markets. By the early 2000s, we had marked our transition from a small business to a large business.

In July 2012, ACSI formally restructured its organization by promoting Rob Duffy to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and recruiting industry veteran Don Taylor as President. As an ACSI employee since 1995, Rob has held several positions that make him a uniquely qualified CEO of a collection agency, including Recovery Agent/Collection Manager, Portfolio Analyst, and Vice President of Operations. Rob is responsible for setting the company’s vision and strategic direction, championing our long-term plan and pathways, and ensuring ACSI’s stability and viability. Don has experience dating from the 1970s encompassing all facets of providing debt collection services to several specialized markets, including colleges and universities, guarantors, private lenders; the U.S. Departments of Education and Treasury; state, municipal, and local governments; healthcare providers; and private-sector financial institutions and retailers. Don’s commission is to advance and expand an already solid and reputable company whose success rests squarely upon our client’s satisfaction with ACSI’s services and performance.