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Friday, January 19, 2018

Tonia Brown

Tonia Brown Has the Right
Combination of Experience
and Expertise to Ensure that
ACSI’s Compliance Excellence 
Continues and that the ACSI Administration 
Staff and Client Customer
Service Departments Continue to Provide
Compliance and Administrative Edge
for Our Clients.

Tonia Brown has experience dating to 2001 in a debt collection environment. She joined ACSI in 2008 as a Recovery Agent and was subsequently promoted to Human Resources Manager and Vice President of Administrative Services due to her knowledge of collection operations, management and interpersonal skills. Tonia directs and is responsible for all aspects of ACSI’s corporate administration services that support ACSI’s business units and market verticals, including a wide variety of general support activities -- such as client outreach, event coordination and planning, insurance and bonding coverage, correspondence processing, etc. -- on a company-wide basis in addition to specific administrative support for client-specific projects. Tonia has continued to expand her knowledge and role at ACSI by obtaining CCEP certification becoming the company's Vice President of Compliance. With the ever-changing landscape of legal and regulatory conditions, Tonia oversees the entire compliance department ensuring that ACSI's compliance excellence continues for all of the company's activities.

Prior to joining ACSI, Tonia held various positions as Recovery Agent, Team Leader, Trainer, and Department Manager for Perot Systems; Insurance Representative for Transcend; and Agent’s Assistant for Buddy Lee Attractions.