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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor has the Right
Combination of Experience and
Expertise to Ensure that the
ACSI Clients he Serves have the
Right Regional, Relationship, and
Project Management Support
Necessary to Produce a Client
Satisfaction Edge
for Our Clients.

Steve Taylor has experience dating to 2010 working in a customer-centric environment. Stave has the ability to manage service-level agreement performance standards across multiple departments that support each debt collection contract and is an active participant in ACSI’s ability to meet client service and performance standards. He also provides his debt collection subject-matter knowledge throughout all phases of a client contract. His experience and debt collection knowledge includes:

  • Working with individual and multi-facility client requirements and representatives to capture varying client and facility needs and integrate them into a unified approach that provides a total debt collection solution
  • Adapting to evolving client needs, direction, and organizational changes
  • Creating and pursuing debt collection opportunities, overseeing client contract implementation and onboarding, and monitoring ongoing contract progress and performance as well as client satisfaction
  • Managing client relationships and maintaining accessibility and close contact with clients for the duration of all client contracts assigned
  • Meeting with clients regularly to ensure smooth workflow and providing crucial feedback on all aspects of the recovery efforts to ensure their desired recovery results are sustained
  • Alerting clients to changing regulations and facilitating program changes to comply with federal and statutory laws
  • Attending and participating in industry-specific trade shows to keep abreast of industry changes