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Friday, January 19, 2018

Rob Duffy

Rob Duffy Has the Right
Combination of Experience
and Expertise to
Ensure that ACSI's
Senior Executives Have
the Commitment and
Backing Necessary to
Produce a Vision Edge
for our Clients.

Rob began working at ACSI in an entry-level position and was subsequently promoted since then to his current appointment as CEO. During that time, he held several positions that make him a uniquely qualified CEO of our collection agency, including Recovery Agent/Collection Manager, Portfolio Analyst, and Vice President of Operations. This experience required driving company growth and developing future opportunities, an in-depth knowledge of collection operations and the techniques that reliably produce more successful outcomes, data metrics and exploitation to analyze client portfolio data and create more efficient collection strategies that result in optimal revenue streams for ACSI’s clients, and the management of personnel and client portfolio performance standards across multiple industry segments, including higher education, healthcare, government, and financial/private-sector collections.

As CEO, Rob reports to ACSI’s Board of Directors and is responsible for setting the company’s vision and strategic direction, championing our long-term plans and pathways, and ensuring ACSI’s stability and viability through:

  • Vision and Strategic Direction - Envisioning ACSI’s future requires us to have a long-term vision and outlook based on information and intelligence gathered from a multitude of diverse resources, including government entities and publications, research and advisory groups, journals and periodicals, and industry affiliations and events, to name a few. More important, envisioning requires that we focus on the potential opportunities that will best serve ACSI and our clients. ACSI’s vision and strategic direction are derived from all of these sources and designed collaboratively by ACSI’s executives and managers to ensure that they are realistic, viable, and advantageous.
  • Long-Term Plan and Pathways - ACSI’s long-term plan is our road map documenting where we are going and the pathways we’ll fol-low to get there. This plan not only incorporates ACSI’s yearly and five-year business planning increments, it also considers the predictive outcomes we anticipate and the justifications that support them, how ACSI will monitor and assess our progress in meeting the plan’s milestones, our approach to adapting to economic and industry challenges, and how we will accommodate and incorporate the changes necessary to meet our clients needs.
  • Stability and Viability - To maintain the consistently high service levels for which we are known to provide our clients, ACSI has established several crucial mechanisms to ensure our business remains stable and viable, including a prudent fiscal function to maintain adequate financial resources, a redundant infrastructure to create resiliency and reliability, a comprehensive security program to protect information, experienced leadership to keep on course, and a deep reach-back of experienced and cross-trained personnel to accommodate workload fluctuations.