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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Rick Blair

Rick Blair Has the Right
Combination of Experience
and Expertise to Ensure that
ACSI’s Operations Personnel
Have the Right Collections
and Consumer Customer
Service Skills Necessary
to Produce a Performance Edge
for Our Clients.

Rick Blair has experience dating to 1992 working various phases of the revenue management cycle, includ-ing debt collections, call center operations, customer service, and sales. Since joining the ACSI team in 2002, Rick has acquired hands-on debt collection experience with ACSI from the ground up, having worked as Recovery Agent, Team Leader, Department Manager, and Vice President of Operations before being pro-moted to his current position as Chief Operations Officer. His knowledge of debt collection operations and the regulatory requirements associated with them is extensive and spans all four of ACSI’s market verticals. He also has significant experience and expertise in developing client-specific collection strategies that target underperforming or untouched segments of clients’ portfolios.

As Chief Operations Officer, Rick directs and is responsible for all aspects of ACSI’s operational activities, including:

  • Personnel - ACSI’s staffing organization is structured by market vertical — higher education, healthcare, govern-ment, and financial/private-sector — and function to enable the Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, Recovery Agents, and other front-line personnel to leverage their specialty knowledge and skills and create efficiencies that produce better results for our clients.
  • Production - ACSI’s production operations provide a full range of services to our clients, including automated and semi-automated skiptracing; strategic letter and call campaigns; client-custom debt negotiation and resolution; timely and accurate payment processing; supplemental services such as loan consolidation, rehabilitation, administrative wage garnishment, and litigation when approved on their behalf; and flexible reporting, including ad-hoc and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Client Contract Performance - ACSI’s recovery operations are designed to focus on three key directives: meeting client recovery goals by the numbers, by consumer contact outcomes, and by compliance; making daily adjustments based on recovery data reports; and improving collection strategies to continuously improve ACSI’s perfor-mance.
  • Operational Compliance -ACSI’s dedication to compliance, including client contract statements of work and service standard re-quirements and the laws and regulations governing the collection industry, are incorporated into every process and are subject to independent auditing by ACSI’s internal quality assurance personnel and ex-ternal third-party auditors; thus, operational management and front-line personnel have a vested inter-est in adhering to compliance requirements.

Prior to joining ACSI, Rick held various positions, including Sales Executive, Sales Manager, and Regional Manager at Security Guard Alarms/Monitronics International; Call Center Manager, Sales Representative, Sales Manager, and Regional Manager at US Alert/ADT; and Account Executive at AT&T.