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Friday, January 19, 2018

Jennifer Sutton

Jennifer Sutton has the Right
Combination of Experience
and Expertise to ensure that
ACSI’s Client Services Team
Members have the Support
Skills Necessary to Deliver
Exceptional Service and
Produce a Genuine Customer
Support Edge
for Our Clients.

Jennifer Sutton has experience in Client Services since 2005 and brings an in-depth knowledge of success-fully supporting company growth and operations by re-aligning and/or developing new services capabilities and protocols that meet client-specific needs, building capacity to support new clients and existing clients’ initiatives, and ensuring that projects and deliverables are implemented on time and as scheduled.

ACSI’s model for exceptional client service is founded on building strong relationships with both client and internal departments in order to understand and work the expectations of both parties. As Director of Client Services, Jennifer directs and is responsible for all aspects of ACSI’s Client Services Team that supports ACSI’s business units and market verticals, including:

  • Client Account Management - The Client Services Team is responsible for the flow of information between multiple internal departments and is responsible for the creation of business communications regarding client accounts. In addition to serving as a frontline contact for our clients, the team works collaboratively with Operations and Sales Executives to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction. Client Services interacts with clients on a daily basis and juggle a myriad of responsibilities, including onboarding and implementation, responding to client inquiries; investigating account discrepancies and anomalies; coordinating client IT requirements, connectivity and client online access requirements, producing account reports specific for each client’s needs as well as assisting collection floor efforts in to increase recovery success of client’s account.
  • Onboarding - The Director of Client Services is responsible for the streamlined and successful implementation of onboarding new clients. The team is responsible for all aspects of a client’s account setup including file transmission layout and details, system setup, client-specific training, scheduling, and driving the internal division updates to stay on target and on time while providing clear direct updates to our new clients.
  • Clerical Support - This group provides a wide variety of general support activities on a company-wide basis in addition to specific administrative support for client-specific projects.
Prior to joining ACSI, Jennifer held various positions as Client Manager, Operations Manager, Account Manager and Media buyer supporting many fortune 500 clients.